The Collection

The art collection includes more than 350 works of art by nationally and internationally recognized artists. The collection has been described as “eclectic” and “unique” mainly because it includes art from so many cultures, by such diverse artists, and was collected by one person who knew the stories behind each work of art. Each piece of the collection has Pat’s personal account of how she acquired the individual piece and her accounts of why works were selected and personal anecdotes relating to specific artwork which is displayed along-side the artwork in the Carnegie-Ellsworth Building.

Among the more 350 pieces of art, many American artists are represented. New York City artist and conservator Robert Miles Parker, Betty Guy of San Francisco, Grand Wood a Cedar Rapids, Iowa native, and Ed and Marie Wordell of San Diego all have several works in the collection. A signed lithograph by Man Ray, a personal friend of Pat Clark’s while the famous surrealist painter/photographer lived in Paris, is of special interest. Virginia Daley of Washington, DC a personal friend of Pat’s has several works in the collection along with the original “Rock Cliffs of Iowa Falls” an oil and acrylic on linen was translated into a mural in 2017 that is located along Oak Street a block from the Iowa River.

Internationally, the works of Japanese artist Kojiro Akagi and Danish artist Leif Peterson are part of collection. The oil painting of “Mother and Child” by Amandos Akanaev of Kazakhstan combines traditional and personal styles, and the painting is inlaid with metal and fabric to create an unusual effect. The largest painting in the collection, to date, is “Pedang Jagung” (translated as-Balinese family cooking corn), by Indonesian artist Hendro. The painting’s portrayal of corn reminded Pat Clark of her home state when she spotted it in Indonesia. British artist Anne Grant-Morris actually painted landscapes of the Iowa River near Iowa Falls in 1965 while visiting friends, and her depiction of a river walkway is in the collection. The works of many French artists are part of the collection, including the work of P. Pohl Zanaroff. A sculpture of Africian martyr Anuarite, a nun in Zaire who was killed by rebel fighters in the early 1960’s, is one of many pieces of art in the collection by Africian artists.


Pat’s collection consist of lithographs, sculptures, oil paintings, watercolors, original inks, original etching, prints, and acrylic paintings. Over 200 books are in addition to the artwork are housed at the Ellsworth College Library and are available to students. Many posters are also part of her collection that she acquired from her travels.

Pat also commissioned a documentary made by Ian Hardy  crew of French cinematographers, so that visitors to the Carnegie-Ellsworth building will also be able to see where the collection hung in Paris for many years before its long journey to Iowa Falls. The 20-minute film will also provide background information on many of the artists and works of art.